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Coronavirus in Palestine,situation and one story

coronavirus in palestina
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On Sunday, 22th of March 2020, the Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed the first 2 cases of Coronavirus in Gaza Strip and a new 4 cases in the West Bank, increasing the infected number to 59 cases. 

According to Gaza’s minister of health, the two cases came from Pakistan last week and were kept in quarantine, and then they were taken to the isolation room in Rafah’s Hospital.

Most of the cases are for those who were outside of Palestine and came back recently; however, some of these cases were not in quarantine which increases the danger of infecting others who still not presenting symptoms.

So far, there have been 17 recovery cases including a 1 year and 10 months old baby girl, Milla Shoka.

Milla was infected with the new coronavirus, in early March, and the baby underwent healthy isolation in the house for 14 days, as her mother accompanied her. In the 18th of March the baby was tested again and result was negative.

Milla’s uncle was infected when he was working in the same hotel of Bethlehem where the infected Greek regiment stayed, and as a result, Milla was infected too and hospitalized.

“I used to check her body temperature every two hours, sterilize all her toys, I spent my time taking care of her and had to observe her movement and activity made sure to take good nutrition. I slept with a muzzle and set my alarm to wake me up every two hours to check the temperature of my child,” Milla’s mother explained how she spent the last 14 days.

Milla’s mother’s happiness couldn’t be expressed when she received the news of her daughter’s recovery.  “Thank God Milla was a strong girl, despite the high temperature she had during the first days of infection,” Milla’s mother added.

coronavirus in palestine

‘A total blockade’

Despite the earlier emergency call which included the closure of all the educational institutions all over the Palestinian countries, a new call of a total blockade including the closure of privet sectors, except grocery stores was announced on Sunday afternoon to oblige people to stay home starting from 22 of March at 10:00 PM. The Palestinian police and forces have a warrant to arrest anyone goes out without unnecessary reasons. 

Such a call had to be taken by the government since the cautious of many people about the effects of COVID-19 epidemic still not as supposed to be, and it’s predicted that the number of the patients will continue increasing in the coming days if people didn’t stay home and stick to the rules, the cases number may exceed hospitals capacity. “Time is running out and the only solution to avoid an outbreak is by a total blockade, I’m so glad our prime minister took this step, you know going to work daily, and to expect to be careful all the time is something out of control especially with such kind of virus,” said Jehad Abdlghani, a Palestinian citizen works in a small accounting company. 

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