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State of Emergency in Palestine because of Coronavirus

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DW(PALESTINA).On Thursday, 5th of March, 2020, the Palestinian Ministry of Health confirmed 7 cases of Coronavirus in Bethlehem, in the southern West Bank.

“The cases were placed in solitary confinement in a care center for appropriate treatment,” Public Health Minister Mai Kaileh said in a statement.

She added that the Palestinian cases were working at the hotel that the Greek tourists stayed at while visiting Bethlehem and it was found that some of its members were infected with the virus after returning to their country.

The Palestinian government has taken all measures to deal with the virus to contain risks of the spread of the virus. Yet, it doesn’t have all the potentials to fight the disease. Therefore, on Thursday evening, the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas issued a presidential decree declaring a state of emergency in all Palestinian territories for a month, starting from its date, to confront the Coronavirus.


He ordered canceling all of the international or national conferences in Palestine, closing the crossing borders of the country, closing all tourist and religious areas in Palestine, preventing gathering and demonstrations in all Palestinian lands, and that movement between the governorates is only for necessary things, especially in Bethlehem.

Accordingly, schools, kindergartens, mosques, churches, and universities in all governorates of the country are closed throughout the emergency period, but employees and doctors are excluded.

On Friday, the number of cases increased to 16 cases including Military Prosecutor, Jihad Shawka, in Bethlehem raising the panic between people. Due to the panic, people are rushing to buy food and products, therefore, the Ministry of National Economy asked the citizens not to worry and not to exaggerate purchasing basic commodities or goods, ensuring that there is availability in the Palestinian market and enough to cover their needs.


A Grocery store racks just after announcing the State of emergency  in Palestine, 5th of March, 2020

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