Donald Trump and the Mexican-American Border

Donald Trump and the Mexican-American Border

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DW-USA.The Trump Administration has made one more
controversial attempt to meet a pinnacle campaign promise. $3.6 billion,
originally allocated to military-related construction projects, will now be
used to build more of the boundary wall stretching the Mexican-American Border.

Half of the $3.6 billion was originally diverted
to bases abroad, the other half spanning 23 states and 3 US territories. Puerto
Rico is one of the territories severely impacted by this move, losing out on
$400 million. Puerto Rico sustained a devastating Category 5 hurricane in
September, 2017. The territory is still rebuilding.

According to CNN politics, 127 projects will be
stalled in order to fund the new additions to the wall. This decision has
received severe backlash, specifically from leaders whose states were affected
by the decision.

US Virginia Senator Mark Warner upbraided the
President for seizing funds from his state, “The decision by the President to
divert funding meant to support U.S. national security interests so that he can
build a border wall only makes us less safe,” said Warner. “Taking
money away from our military – including funding to support critical projects
here in Virginia – will mean we are less equipped to tackle threats here at
home and abroad.”

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