Education on social media and web

Education on social media and web


How children’s education is being advanced on social media and the web

who spends time with young people will know the attraction that technology can
hold for them. Most parents have faced the constant struggle of trying to
separate their children from their phone or tablet and to get them to complete
their homework. It can be tempting to see technology as the enemy of education
but it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of becoming frustrated with the
technology there is an alternative approach. An increasing number of teachers
and schools are using technology to conduct children’s education on social and
web-based platforms.

Education through play

are a lot of ways that the web and social media can be used to enhance
education. Perhaps the example with which most parents will be familiar is the
large number of schools that now set web-based homework. Instead of traditional
pen and paper-based exercises, many schools now use programs such as; Education
City, Mathletics, and to teach educational concepts through play.
Children are encouraged to learn by taking part in games, or fun tests, often
playing against their classmates in real-time.

Improved communication

educator will tell you that effective communication is one of their greatest
challenges. Reminding children when assignments are due, what they are required
to do, and when they will need to return permission slips can be a constant
struggle. Social media can become a vital tool for improving communication
between school and pupils. Or, if the children are younger, between teachers
and parents. A lot of schools are setting up a Facebook page or group, or a
WhatsApp group so that teachers have a method of direct communication to
pupils. They can remind students of assignments and deadlines and offer help or
further clarification when it is needed. They can also ensure that no-one has
an excuse for forgetting to complete their homework on time.

Sharing educational resources

is never enough time in a classroom setting to share everything that could be
said on a particular subject and it’s common for teachers to provide sources
where children can find further information. While they can do this via a
printed sheet this can easily get lost. A more effective solution is to set up
a class Pinterest board where links to all relevant resources can be found.
This encourages children to dig deeper and learn on their own time.

being creative many schools are finding that the web and social media are not
the enemies of education but can instead be effective allies.

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