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A Report on Palestine

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The Gaza strip

DW-Gaza.Israel continues its suffocating siege on the Gaza strip, and strict measures on movement, travel, and treatment trips are still there. In Gaza, people still go out to march at borders of the Gaza strip.

Thousands come every week to the borders, where Israeli forces suppress the demonstration with bullets and gas grenades.

Yet, people do not give up, and continue demonstrating and calling for the Israeli siege to be lifted.

On Friday, some 10 thousand Palestinian people demonstrated at borders of Gaza as usual.

Israeli forces opened fire at protesters, a 15-year-old child was killed and 66 others were injured.

The Ministry of Health reported that at least 15 children and 6 women were among the injured.

This brings the toll of injures and the dead as a result of Israeli suppression to the Palestinian  Great March of Return to  271 killed and more than 25 thousands injured since 31 March 2018.

 Palestinian Prisoners

Dozens of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails declared they will go in an open-ended hunger strike in rejection to the Israeli attempts to suppress them and deprive them of their normal rights in prison.

Some  400 Palestinian prisoners have joined the hunger strike till now and they finished their sixth day.

Prisoners demand the Israeli forces to allow them to use phones to call their families, just like any other prisoners, whereas telephone services, which are available in prisons where Israeli criminals and killers are held.

They also demand prisons authorities to allow family visits which are suspeneded for long time, and also to end the medical neglect and solitary confinement they suffer at hands of Jailers.

West Bank & Jerusalem

Israeli Occupation Authorities still impose strict procedures on Palestinian people in Jerusalem and West Bank. In Jerusalem, two Palestinian brothers identified Fadi and Shadi Ajlouni, were forced by Israeli forces to demolish their own family home in the Old City of Jerusalem.

They did in oder to avoid incurring a heavy demolition fee from the Israeli municipality, who ordered their  home to be destroyed under the pretext that it was built without an Israeli-issued permit, on Saturday.

Israel rarely gives  Palestinians permits to build in East Jerusalem.

According to Daniel Seidemann of the NGO Terrestrial Jerusalem, “Since 1967, the Government of Israel has directly engaged in the construction of 55,000 units for Israelis in East Jerusalem; in contrast, fewer than 600 units have been built for Palestinians in East Jerusalem, the last of which were built 40 years ago. So much for (Jerusalem Mayor Nir) Barkat’s claim ‘we build for everyone.’”

According to UN documentation, three Palestinians were displaced and five buildings have been demolished in East Jerusalem since the beginning of the year as of Jan. 29. In 2017, a total of 142 buildings were destroyed in East Jerusalem, displacing 233 Palestinians.

In the west Bank, Many school students suffered suffocating gas and injuries after the Israeli forces attacked young Palestinian students in the southern occupied West Bank city of Hebron, on Sunday, by firing tear-gas bombs and sound grenades towards them.

Locals said that Israeli forces physically attacked several students on their way to school, as well as attempted to detain one of them, and fired tear-gas bombs towards parents who attempted to intervene and protect their children.

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