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Global DNA Zimbabwe: Are you Sure Whether the Child is Biological Yours?

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DW-ZIMBABWE.certain man from Harare was happy to be a father when his first child was born 4 years ago. And he had great dreams for the cute little girl. For all those 4 years, he wasn’t knowing that he’s raising the child of another man. Until a few months back where he received several threatening messages from unknown numbers saying that he’s not the father of the child.

He thought that maybe the sender made a mistake. So he decided to call back. Shockingly, the phone was answered by a man who said that his name is Trymore Machinga, and claimed that he’s the father of the child. What surprised Harare man the most is that  Trymore Machinga has also mentioned the name of mother’s child, who’s Beauty Chabayanzara. 

Harare man was utterly confused, as he didn’t suspect anything from his wife ever since he married her when she was 8 months pregnant. So he asked his wife about this matter. But Beauty Chabayanzara gave an assurance that he is biological father of the child. She said they are only relatives with Trymore Machinga, there is nothing more.

Heavy-heartedly, the man handled the issue to his family members. They discussed and finalized that they will get the solution from Global DNA Zimbabwe. They proceeded to take a DNA paternity test. And tests came to be 0%, meaning that Harare man is not related to the child. After hearing this, it was really difficult for him to cope. He was even deciding to commit suicide. Global DNA Zimbabwe promised to offer him canceling so that he can move forward with his life. And Harare man thanked Global DNA Zimbabwe for its great job. 

I wish that women understand the importance of fathers in the life of their children. They shouldn’t deprive their children to know where they belong. 

To all mothers who are unsure about the father of their children, it is wise that they take a step as early as possible. Also as a father, if you have doubts about whether the child is biological yours, simple prove your fatherhood by DNA paternity test.

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