Hong Kong Government Withdraws Extradition Bill

Hong Kong Government Withdraws Extradition Bill

DW-USA.After months of unrest, the bill that sparked
the turbulence in Hong Kong has finally been killed. The law would have allowed
the extradition of Hong Kong citizens to China.

Following widespread outrage when the
bill was first announced in April, Chief Executive Carrie Lam sidelined the
legislation but stopped short of withdrawing it all together.

This made demonstrators even angrier,
leading to the chaos and violence we are seeing in recent weeks.

Though some see this as a positive
gesture, and it is indeed a big win, for many the protests have become about
much more than the bill that started them. After videos and consistent reports
of police brutality, Chinese intimidation, and a highlight of Hong Kong’s true
lack of sovereignty, it is not likely Lam’s move will stop the wave of discord.

Protestors have issued five demands,
the first being met when Lam withdrew the bill. The other four, an inquiry into
police brutality, a retraction of the protestor’s classification as “rioters”,
amnesty for arrested protestors, and universal suffrage, have not yet been

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