In Kenyan Schools Risks the Lives of Learners

In Kenyan Schools Risks the Lives of Learners

exactly one month since the dreadful incident of a school building that
collapsed and claimed the lives of 7 innocent children. The issue of Precious Talent School in Nairobi left many parents in
pain and fear after the building fell early in the morning while children were

It was
later confirmed that the building was in poor condition, which made the children
learning from downstairs classes to be hurt and some unfortunately dying.

This led
many to think about the poor environmental conditions of many schools in Kenya.

There is no
doubt that most people value education. Few who don’t appreciate it much desire
to have some essential reading and writing skills. Kenya is among the
developing countries with citizens who value education.

the education sector in this country faces various challenges. One of the worst
problems is the poor educational environment that affects the lives of the
learners. Some of these challenges are the poor state of buildings and

The poor state of

schools, especially primary schools in Kenya, have buildings that are in very unfavourable
conditions. There are a few public schools where many kids scramble for one
class with no seats.

For example, an article published by the Standard media group reveals that Koguta primary school in Migori County is one of the poorest schools in Kenya. The children learn in classes made of broken muddy walls with a few desks.

There are
more than 50 pupils per class with a few desks which are shared among five
pupils. The rest with no desks are forced to carry stones and sit on them.

Is the Kenyan government
doing anything about this?

Even though
no one has ever addressed the issue of poor environmental conditions in the
school, the government has started taking care of the problem.

After the
incident at Precious Talent School, the ministry of education started examining
various schools under the poor condition and shut them down.

Parents were advised to take their children to nearby schools, which seemed to be in better condition.

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