Iran Nuclear Deal On Its Last Legs

Iran Nuclear Deal On Its Last Legs

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DW-USA.After Donald Trump pulled the United States out
of the Iran Nuclear Deal last May, the agreement meant to curtail Tehran’s
ambitions started to break down. Today, the deal appeared to crumble further
after Iranian President Hassan Rouhani removed all limits on nuclear research
and development.

“The atomic energy organization (of Iran) is ordered
to immediately start whatever is needed in the field of research and
development, and abandon all the commitments that were in place regarding
research and development,” said Mr. Rouhani.

Since the US’s exit, the major European powers
have been trying to salvage the situation, specifically French President
Emmanuel Macron. When discussing the possibility of Iran staying in the deal,
Mr Macron had this to say, “We need to convince the Iranians to go in that
direction, and we can do that if we give them economic compensation of some
form. If we make some movement in terms of lines of credit or reopening certain
economic sectors.”

The French did supposedly offer a $15 billion
bailout to the Iranians to help recuperate losses suffered from reinstated US
sanctions, but clearly the offer did not hold.

The decision to continue research comes along
with tightened US sanctions implemented this past week. 

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