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Viaggi, gente, luci ombre dietro la parola Fotografia si nasconde un mondo interessante pieno di volti,persone.tutto da scoprire.Andremo alla ricerca del diverso

Ahmad Mansour

Ahmad Mansour is a street photographer who believes that every person has his own world, that can be showen in their eyes, and the best way to read it.. is through the eyes of his phone! just a simple mobile phone he uses to capture every great moment in his daily life and if you look at one of the pictures you will feel every tiny detail in it, it will travel to your heart without any hesitation.Ahmad Mansour findes a pleasure in talking to people and spreading their stories to the world, thinking this is a good way to show that each human – no matter who he is – has a soul and it can speak through photos.

A Cape of Storms photographer, Gale Mc All

DW-Cape Town. A Cape of Storms photographer, who passionately blends Photography and Art”Gale McAll was born to an Artist -Photograper mother in Cape Town, and cultivated her unique talent during childhood, taking photos and developing them in her own darkroom. Gale, aptly named, breezes her way through projects and artwork as a miniature hurricane would do. She is unstoppable. Her deep love for the sea and for stormy weather radiates from her work like the crepuscular sunbeams that she immortalises in her camera. Her passion for the Cape of Storms and surrounds, especially for the sea and its people, demands attention when seen through the lenses of her instruments.Gale McAll’s unique photographic style covers not only land and seascapes– she produces similarly dramatic work for bands and music festivals, for bike rallies and other large events. She is a master at capturing the souls of people in their environments.“Behind Gale McAll’s artist eyes lie those of every weather-beaten sea-salt who, over countless generations and in a battle for survival in one of the world’s most …

Una fotografa di Cape of Storms, Gale McAll

DW-Cape Town. Un fotografa di Cape of Storms, che appassionatamente miscela fotografia e arte. Gale McAll era nata per essere un artista – madre fotografa a Cape Town, e aveva coltivato il suo unico talento durante l’infanzia, facendo foto e sviluppandole nella loro camera oscura. Gale, opportunamente chiamata, si fa strada tra progetti e opere d’arte come farebbe un uragano in miniatura. Lei è inarrestabile. Il suo profondo amore per il mare e per il tempo burrascoso si irradia dal suo lavoro come i raggi crepuscolari che immortala nella sua macchina fotografica. La sua passione per Cape of Storms e dintorni, in particolare per il mare e la sua gente, richiede attenzione quando è vista attraverso le lenti dei suoi strumenti. Lo stile fotografico unico di Gale McAll copre non solo la terra e i paesaggi marini. Lei produce lavori similarmente drammatici per gruppi e festival musicali, per raduni ciclistici e altri grandi eventi. Lei è una maestra nel catturare le anime delle persone nei loro ambienti.”Dietro gli occhi dell’artista Gale McAll si trovano quelli …