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Monsoon updates in India

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Nature and it’s changes 

Monsoon has hit the country hard many potions of the country are under a tough situation, and no one can indeed escape from natural disasters. Many cities are left drowned in water, and people have no food, and life is becoming severe. The government and communities are trying their best to get food reached to every home as the food is a basic necessity. 

Let’s have an update of places and how monsoon is making its move.

  • Maharashtra: Rayat Shikshan Sanstha is planning to provide one day pay to flood-affected people
  • Gujarat: NDRF team rescues 47 students and six teachers from Kasturba Gandhi Girls School.
  • The situation has seen getting worst in southern western states
  • Kerala: Over 30,000 people are transferred to relief camps.
  • Indian Army is carrying out flood relief operations in Kolhapur and Sangli districts of Maharashtra.
  • Over 4800 people rescued in Maharashtra.
  • Many trains are canceled because of heavy rainfall.
  • Many areas schools and colleges shut due to heavy rainfall
  • Rahul Gandhi visits Kerala to have a look at the situation. 

These are some significant live updates that come from monsoon India. The rescue operation is in force, and the NDRF team is trying to do its best. Hope the situation calms down soon and a sunny day comes quickly.

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