More People Are Leaving New York Than Any Other City in America

More People Are Leaving New York Than Any Other City in America

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DW-NEW YORK.With outrageous housing prices, expensive energy bills, and a chaotic atmosphere, more and more people are moving out of New York City. According to 2018 census data, a net of 277 people leave New York every day. That’s 76 more than the city with the second-largest migrant outflow, Los Angeles.

Some residents are making it to the suburbs of New York, electing to take multi-hour commutes from houses that cost roughly the same as their small apartments in the city. Some are picking up and moving to different states all together.

According to The Hill’s conservative
opinion contributor, Kristin Tate, “The cost of living in Manhattan
is almost 140 percent higher than the national average, making it the most
expensive city in the country. Brooklyn and Manhattan rents have reached record
highs, with median rent for a one bedroom apartment at nearly $3,000.”

This exodus coincides with an overall
trend of flight from historical metropolises such as Chicago and Los Angeles to
rising cities with lower costs of living like Phoenix, Atlanta, and Dallas.

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