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Morocco’s football ultras: New protest Movement in country

Condividi l'articolo che stai leggendo

DW-Morocco.Morocco’s “Ultras” are no more just a fanatical football supporter, recently it is become as asocial movement and a symbol of the marginalized of youths looking for opportunities in their country, Morocco.

Through the ultras groups, Moroccan youth find a way to express themselves, to resist, to claim for reform, and to condemn all forms of corruption.

By stadium, youth finds a platform to make, their voice heard to the government as to theworld.

Convey the bad reality 

In march 2017 the Gruppo Aquile (Eagles Group) ultras who support the Raja Casablanca football club, created a song titled “F’Bladi Delmouni” (Oppressed in my country), this song spread internationally, and become as an icon repeated in the stadiums and in protest squares in Arab countries.

The song lyrics highlights the lack of government assistance for poor andmarginalized communities, and talking about the peoples who suffer from the lack of opportunities. This is a translation of a part of the song:

“In my country they injusticed me / to whomcould I complain my situation / complain to the higher Allah / only he who knows.

In this country, we live in a dark cloud / We are just asking for social peace / They drugged us with Ketama hashish / They left us like orphans / we will punish you on the day of resurrection.

The talents you have lost with drugs have destroyed / how do you want to see it / you stole all country’s money/ to the strangers you give it / generation that you have repressed..”

The voice of the oppressed

The supporters of the Raja Casablanca football club do not just, only supporters who transform to the social movement; many other ultras groups did the same thing.

Take as an example the Ultra Hercules, the supporters of the Tangier athletic club “North of the kingdom”, who made a song titled “sawt chaab” (the voice of the people).

Lyrics song says: 

“Son of the people sings on oppressed people/ Oh country, why youth people immigrated from you? / Some of them arrived, but some others died (talking about Illegal immigration) / This difficult life is the reason behind migration / No health services, no education.. Just bribery and corruption..”

It is worth mentioning that north of morocco known as an important point to immigrate to Europe, due to its close borders with Spain. That why song talk about youth who chose to immigrate illegally via “Death boats”.

Political and security fears

The Growing of the “Ultras” role in Moroccan society seems that not welcomed by authorities in the North African country due to their impressive visual displays and popular songs.

The authorities and political environment have become sensitive to the mobilization of the ultras, especially by adopting political and social positions, taking part in social protests and political activities.

It is worth mentioning that Ultras were banned in Morocco in 2016 from expressing their support through visible signs such as flags and banners, the decision created controversy in Morocco, especially among football fans, which put to lead a boycott campaign left stadiums deserted by the club’s biggest fans.

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