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China and Pakistan Bolster Economic Relations

China and Pakistan
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DW-Usa.In recent years, China has bolstered its economic and diplomatic influence in southern hemisphere countries through institutional investment, most famously with its trans-global Belt and Road Initiative. A recent $2 billion energy project in Pakistan builds on this trend.

The China Power Hub Generation Company (CPHGC) led by Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Zhao Yonggang, will partner with the Pakistani government to install a 1320 MW (660×2) power plant in Balochistan. 

This power plant is one of several major Chinese investments in the country. Another one being the China Pakistan Economic Corridor, a $46 billion infrastructure project being built to connect Western China with the Indian Ocean.

China and Pakistan have also strengthened military cooperation. Following the Indian occupation of the Kashmir, Chinese military officials were sent to meet with top Pakistani generals to discuss capacity building in light of the current events with India.

This cooperation is no surprise. As both China and Pakistan are historical enemies with the rising India, their partnership will only strengthen in order to balance Indian Prime Minister Modi and his aggressive policies. 

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