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Kenya Set to Launch Climate Atlas to Protect its Food Supply

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DW-KENYA.Flooding and drought are key factors that lead to increased levels of hunger across the globe. Kenya is set to launch its first localized weather modeling system early next year. The climate atlas was developed by researchers at Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and technology and will provide data on temperatures and rainfall patterns across all counties in Kenya. This will help in collecting data that is useful and will impact crop production across the East African countries in years to come. The project is supposed to give weather patterns across Kenya from the years 2050 to 2100.

In East Africa particularly Kenya, climatic change has been causing increasingly erratic weather patterns. This has highly affected crop production in this country because most areas are affected by heavy rains, flooding, and drought. These conditions result in an increased level of hunger and death and this highly affects the country’s production rate. In Kenya, agriculture dominates the Kenyan economy accounting for 70% of the workforce. This means that farming is the backbone of Kenya and the country needs to look for all means to support it. According to the National Drought Management Authority,  more than three million people suffer from flood and drought calamities leading to food insecurity.

Climate Atlas is expected to bring positive changes to Kenya. This weather model was initially developed in the Netherlands for planning purposes. In Kenya, the model is set to provide us with future occurrences of what weather patterns will be in different parts of the country. A researcher called John Wesonga developed the web application so that farmers from every part of Kenya can access it and help deal with weather patterns before they cause any damages. By using climate atlas, farmers will now be in a position to invest their resources where the most impact can be made.

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