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Education and sports in India

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DW-India.We all are aware of how important education is, and living in 2019, we cannot wish that anyone is uneducated. The time is moving at a rapid speed, and the kids are learning every day a new concept of life. In India, where most of the parents have a dream of seeing their child become an engineer or doctor, forget about the physical growth of the kids. They head to schools at 8 and come back at 5, which takes most of their day. Then as they arrive,, they are sent to tuition from where they come around 8, and it goes on. So the kids do not get time for the activity they want to do. The chain of the life cycle becomes competing, and it runs very fast. So fast that one cannot catch it back. This might look like an issue, but it is a huge issue. The child’s physical growth stocks, and that is the reason today’s kids are not as active as the kids in the past. Now the schools and society have started understanding this, and new schemes are being launched every day to develop the life of the coming generation. 

The reliance company has also launched a program to support sports and develop the education system in India by the name reliance foundation youth sports (rfsy)

Reliance Foundation Youth Sports is a country-wide, multi-sport platform for school and college athletes. The platform was established to encourage a sporting culture in schools and colleges and to enable India’s next champions.

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The dream to create superhero kids. Who are physically happy and growing. 

Just not the organization but also schools also have a Pt period, which is playtime where the kids are provided with multiple games like chess, basketball running games, and whatnot. The kids get a break from their regular classes and also healthy life. But this playtime should be a daily activity to keep growth alive. We all understand that the kids are burdened with a lot of pressure because of the growing competition in the world. But also must realize that every child is not Albert Einstein, maybe he or she is a world-class sports player. The first thing has to come from home also that the parents send kids to sports classes regularly at least until they enter the hard fast world. Once they grow up and start working, they will not have enough time to focus on active life, which leads to a lot of health issues it is better than right from a young age we all focus on a better experience where our bodies have a chance to grow.  

In 2014 a rule was passed by the government wherein a government one student must at least participate in one sport. This will develop their body in the right manner. Even the private schools have started conducting competitions day in a year where the schools take part, and all the students rush to win. This is a significant step that is made. This helps students to work on their physical body also. Just like education is important, so is sports education. 

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