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Russian navy sailors sued for Syrian mission surcharge

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DW-MOSCA.The сrew of three Russian navy ships demand to pay daily subsistence allowances for combat-mission to Syria. As stated by daily Kommersant, they sued. Their lawyer claimed the sailors entitled to pay daily allowances as they conducted the special task in Syria.

The financial service of the Black Sea Fleet argued in court that the execution is not a duty journey, so seamen have no grounds to receive daily allowances. They have the right to a surcharge for tasks related to the risk to life and health in peacetime.

And they have already received this premium.As a result, the Sevastopol Garrison Military Court rejected the claim of 27 sailors. Meanwhile, Lawyer Fedorchenko told “Kommersant,” that such rules “violate the principle of justice and equality.”

“As the military pilots reward daily in Syria. But the enlisted sailors, who also risk their lives, do not,” explained Mr Fedorchenko.According to the lawyer, such claims considered in other cases but also not satisfied.

“Some courts have shown that the ship is the territory of the Russian Federation. So that crew members have no reason for daily subsistence. At the same time the military pilots are on the plane which is also Russian territory, receive these payments,” – the lawyer said. Mr Fedorchenko added that the appeal against the decision of the court is ready. He will send it to the North Caucasian District Military Court.

Based on experts, all naval sailors, from the chief to the sailor, received daily allowances in the past, but the Ministry of Defense cancelled it finally.
The disputes over payments to participants in the hostilities in Syria had taken place before.

Russian enlistment offices do not always notice the merits of the armed men served in Syria, adding lost.
In February, Kommersant wrote that the military office of the Vladimir region refused to assign the status of a war veteran Andrey Pylenk, who died after aviation disaster at Hmeymin in Syria in March 2018.

His widow had to prove in the court that her husband was a member of the hostilities. In 2018, the doughboys of private military company and Russian veteran unions made a claim in the International Criminal Court of The Hague with a request to start a criminal case against Russian PMC’s. 357 delegates supported the appeal from 18 public organizations.

Last year the Federation Council of the RF confirmed the death of 112 Russian servicemen during the hostilities in Syria. The agency Reuters estimated then the total number of dead Russian personnel of private military companies at 76 people.

In February, US media reported the death of more than a hundred PMCs of Wagner killed. At the beginning of November, at least 11 more people from this structure fell there.

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