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Tension in Venezuela increases between US and Russia

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DW – Caracas. Until recently, the cold war was only a reminder of that political, economic, scientific and armament confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United States that ended in the early 1990s. However, Venezuela has become the epicenter of what would be a new war of this type, this due to recent events around the Latin American country that is currently experiencing one of the worst social and economic crisis in its history. This state of affairs is also exacerbated by the tension in Venezuela between the USA and Russia.

Oil only for Russia and China

The first event takes place in the former member of the USSR, Azerbaijan, specifically in its capital Baku, where the Venezuelan oil minister and PDVSA president Manuel Quevedo announced that he would stop trading crude oil to India to concentrate his production in Russia and China, this is shown as a challenge to the sanctions that the United States has made towards the illegitimate government of Nicolás Maduro showing a remarkable support of these countries.

Military tension in Venezuela

The next event that shows an increase in political tension between the two powers was the meeting held in Rome by Elliot Abrams, who is being represented for Venezuela by the United States, and Sergey Riabkov, who is the deputy foreign minister of Russia. Their meeting did not come to any viable solution, because even though Abrams recalled that all options are being taken into account, Riabkov recalled that Russia would reject any type of military intervention in Venezuela.

However, with these latest statements t is worth noting that on March 23 of this year, two Russian aircraft carrying military personnel from this country arrived in Venezuela, something that undoubtedly aims to draw the attention of the United States, since the arrival of these airplanes was made publicly and with intentions to be noticed at the media level.

Written warning

Finally, there is the letter that was sent by the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation to the House of Representatives of Colombia, which reads as follows: “It will be interpreted by the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, only as an act of aggression against a sovereign State and a threat to international peace and security.”

This in relation to the military activities of the United States in Colombian territory, which was interpreted as a direct threat from Putin to Duque’s government, for which he reacted to this letter saying that “Colombia is not planning to attack any State.” Subsequently, the Russian ambassador in Colombia, Sergei Koshkin, said that it was only a letter addressed to the parliamentary colleagues of the world.

There is no doubt that Venezuela is the scene of one of the greatest geopolitical debates of today, but at the same time it is a country submerged in a serious crisis caused by the incompetence of the current illegitimate government that despite having allied powers such as Russia and China, it sees very far any kind of solution to end the social and economic problems that affect the Venezuelans every day.

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