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The most serious killer .. The cholera epidemic kills Yemenis

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DW-Yemen I went to hospitals in the capital of Sana’a to work on a cholera news report, the hospital rooms were full of sick children, pregnant women and men. I saw hundreds inside rooms, in the lounges, in the meadows and in the tents, where there are no medicines, places are dirty, tents have no lights, I could literally say that I have seen a humanitarian disaster that is the worst in the world .

Cholera patients number is very high and hospitals in Sana’a receive 140 patients a day. A report by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, says that” more than 190 people died of cholera due to rain is the cause of the spread of the disease through garbage, sewage and pollution of water wells, “which is the main source of drinking water in most parts of Yemen .

Over the past years, Yemen has seen cholera spread; it has infected more than1 million people and nearly 3,000 registered deaths nationwide .United Nations agencies have deployed cholera vaccines to reduce its spread from May 2018.   

The outbreak was caused by the collapse of the deteriorating health system after a four-year conflict, and there has been an increase in the number of cholera cases during the rainy season in Yemen.  

 Yousef al-Hadry, spokesman of the Ministry of Health in the so-called “government” of the Houthis in Sanaa said that “there is a large outbreak of cholera epidemic in Sana’a,” noting that “the hospitals in the capital suffer from a large family deficit in order to receive new cases of infected ”

He described the situation as “catastrophic,” calling on international organizations and the international community to urgently act to curb the spread of the epidemic.   

He added that “the Ministry of Health in Sana’a is currently required, in order to work to alleviate the epidemic despite the weakness of the possibilities due to war and siege.

 In February, the Ministry of Health and Population of Aden, in collaboration with WHO and UNICEF, launched a cholera vaccination campaign targeting three governorates .

Politics stands behind the cholera epidemic

Four years of war, arms, disease and siege are the 4 killers. People marvel at the cholera epidemic in such a big and frightening way. Patients said they were left untreated in medical centers behind hidden hands selling people’s lives for political gain .

People were happy when they heard that the United Nations had brought a project to stop the war in Yemen and peacemaking. All Yemenis were looking at “Stockholm” negotiations in Sweden. There was a talk that the war in Hodeidah would stop and that Sana’a airport would return to work again.  

The lifting of the blockade on Yemen will also make it easier for medicine to enter Sana’a, but unfortunately nothing has been done so far.  

United Nations must stop the suffering of Yemen, force all parties of conflict to accept peace, lift the siege and open Sana’a airport. Yemen must be assisted by medicines and vaccines because Yemeni citizen is a victim that needs the world to stand with to get rid of poverty, hunger, disease and live in peace, also, these are the only demands of citizens during this time .

  Only two months April and March 2019 at least 80,000 people have been infected 102 people have died, as it is considered the third wave of cholera since 2017 Hospitals receive 140   a day cases, including 80 cases confirmed cholera epidemic .

Most of the assessments of doctors, officials and organizations operating in Yemen agree that the new wave of cholera is the result of a range of causes, led by the deteriorating humanitarian situation of most of the country’s population as a result of “the collapse of sanitation, the lack of water and sanitation services,” according to the International Health Organization.  

   Health Ministry spokesman in Sana’a Dr. Yousef Al-Hazzari said that the outbreak of cholera was “like this” due to the accumulation of four years of war or what he calls the “aggression” and the siege (of the Saudi-led coalition). As a result of the destruction of “infrastructure, Health “. Hundreds of deaths and children are less resistant to the disease.  

 According to a spokesman of the Ministry of Health, until April 7, the ministry has detected 391 deaths out of 1190 cases, while deaths since the first wave of cholera in the year 2017 to the recent month gets 3,200 deaths and more than a million and a half cases and suspected .

Children are victims of the cholera epidemic

Among the latest statistics, a statement issued by the Islamic Relief Organization said on Thursday that more than 120,000 cases of the disease had been reported and 1640 confirmed, revealing that many cases occurred among children under the age of five, especially those who suffer from malnutrition as it makes them less resistant to the disease .

Sewage-fed vegetables are a major cause of the cholera epidemic

    In the area of Sana’a airport .. Bani Hawat and Bani Harith, farmers grow Potato ,tomatoes, salads, watercress, radish and other vegetables, where vegetable farmers rely on sewage and toxic waste of human beings that carry many bacteria, insects and larvae that infect humans with cholera, cancer and liver, Stomach, typhoid and other serious diseases .

 It is strange that the crime of using sewage water to irrigate vegetables in Bani Harith and Bani Hawat in Sana’a is being raised with pumps, steel pipes and pipettes to export the deadly poison to the residents of the capital Sana’a, which are crowded with hospitals and outpatient clinics, as well as the aggression and biological weapons.  

  In the absence of oversight role of the Secretariat of the capital, the Ministry of Health, Environmental Health, the Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural Extension, Consumer Protection and others continue the process of systematic killing of consumers, which poses a serious threat to the health of the population of the capital Sana’a.

The question is why people’s lives are used as a political cards Closing Sana’a International Airport, a land and sea blockade, Preventing medicines from entering the country make people die of hunger.  

The Yemeni issue has become like the football field and the players are from foreign countries ,Transformed the Yemeni territory into a battlefield for world war, Children and women are the one who pay the price.

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