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Protests at the border with Israel. The situation in the Gaza strip.

The situation in the Gaza strip
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The Gaza strip

The situation in the Gaza strip has been calm to some extent during the last few days. Some clashes happened between the Israeli forces and Palestinians at borders, and in the sea. The Palestinian organized protests at borders between Israel and the Gaza strip, where Israeli forces tried to suppress protests via gas grenades and live ammunition.

The Palestinian Health ministry stated that some 83 people were injured in the protests. Moreover, Israeli forces in the  military watchtowers opened fire towards Palestinian agricultural lands east of Khan Younis, in southern Gaza, targeting farmers.

Meanwhile, Israeli naval forces also opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats, while working off the northwestern coast of Gaza, forcing fishermen to sail back to the shore.

No injuries were reported from both incidents.

The Israeli army also regularly detains and opens fire on unarmed Palestinian fishermen, shepherds, and farmers along the border areas if they approach the buffer zone, as the authorities have not made clear the precise area of the designated zone.

The practice has in effect destroyed much of the agricultural and fishing sector of the blockaded coastal enclave, which has been under an Israeli air, land, and sea blockade for nearly 12 years.

Indirect negotiations are taking place currently between Palestinian factions in the Gaza strip led by Hamas, and Israel with Egyptian mediation to implement the agreement reached recently between both parties.

The West Bank and Jerusalem

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said  Friday that he may annex Area C of the occupied West Bank, in which more than 60% of Palestinian land is under full Israeli control and where Israel’s illegal settlement enterprise is expanding, ahead of the Israeli legislative election on April 9th.

During an interview with Netanyahu, he was asked if he will stop short of annexing Area C with its Palestinian dwellers, to which he responded by saying, “I promise that you will be surprised. I cannot talk about the plan, but Trump is a big friend and I doubt there will ever be any bigger friend than him.

In another Context, the Palestine Prisoner’s Society stated that  Israeli forces detained 4 Palestinians in Jerusalem and  Hebron.

Some 1,400 Palestinian prisoners are prepared to commence a mass open hunger strike against the deteriorating situation in various Israeli prisons.

The Palestinian Prisoners and Former Prisoners’ Affairs Committee confirmed that unless Israel responds to the demands put forward by the Palestinian prisoners, about 1,400 prisoners will begin an open hunger strike, with another group joining the hunger strike on April 17th, and then another group may join on May 1st.

The committee said that the situation inside Israeli prisons deteriorated since the IPS installed electronic jamming devices in several prisons, which are believed to have an impact on their health, including dizziness, headaches, and links to cancer.

The jamming devices also prevent the prisoners from watching television shows and listening to the radio.

According to prisoners’ rights group Addameer, there are 5,450 Palestinian prisoners being held in Israeli prisons.

In Jerusalem, a Palestinian family from the Old City of Jerusalem was forced to demolish their own home upon order by the Israeli municipality of Jerusalem, on Saturday.

The al-Basti family demolished their own home on Saturday as they were only allowed until Sunday to carry out the demolition themselves before the Israeli municipality does, and thus imposes a fine of demolition costs on the family.

According to Daniel Seidemann of the NGO Terrestrial Jerusalem, since 1967, the Government of Israel has directly engaged in the construction of 55,000 units for Israelis in East Jerusalem; in contrast, fewer than 600 units have been built for Palestinians in East Jerusalem, the last of which were built 40 years ago.

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