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Transport Month in South Africa with government making promises to find solutions to diverse transport problems.

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DW-South Africa.With transport month upon us, this is what you can expect from government, councils and the private sector, as we see various exciting collaborations between government and the private sector to solve transport issues facing South Africans. Some of these collaborations are between government and PRASA (Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa), The National Department of Transport and HPL&R (Hosken Passenger Logistics and Rail). Others include GMA (Gautrain Management Agency) and Enertrag South Africa, as well as SANRAL (South African National Road Agency) and Shisalanga Construction.

With President Cyril Ramphorsa unveiling 2 new trains in Cape town, he said in a statement that safety and ensuring trains are not grounded were of the utmost importance. The new trains have various security features such as CCTV cameras and are fire proofed, as well being modernised. We can expect to see another 600 trains for Metrorail, 35 of which for Cape Town Metrorail before the end of 2020.

There is also talk of 20 buses operated by GMA to be switched to green Hydrogen energy which will be completely free of Carbon Dioxide emissions, which will come from a renewable energy source using Hydrogen, wind, solar power and Platinum in its production. 

The President has also launched an experimental use of Plastic-infused tarmac on the N3 highway between Durban and Johannesburg, should it be able to with stand our harsh South African sun further use of it is on the table. This is Africa’s first Plastic road. South Africa can also look forward to 2 new A350 airbuses, as well as government investing in revamping various South African roads. Finally, an Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offenses has been signed into too, in the hope of discouraging bad traffic behaviour. 







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