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Tunisian TV, the frenzy of journalists and poor productivity

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DW(Tunisi).Old TV in Tunisia, its first and second channels, Alzheimer, the media, lives.Yes, this is possible, but it has become certain, so how today in 2020 we find from the parent institution of the audio-visual media, in which distinguished colleagues, journalists, live in a state of frustration and sometimes chaos …These days, especially after broadcasting and broadcasting a dialogue with His Excellency the President of the Republic, many journalists have expressed their dissatisfaction and anger over the appointments and the way to choose for the interlocutors, but some of them were not aware of the event, and this is for my life the internal situation only increases congestion among colleagues.A group of honest bloggers wrote the following for us”A real battle led by honorable male and female journalists on national television against gangs of Al-Watad unions, which have been crushing the media for sixty years, especially after the scandalous dialogue with the President of the Republic … We are required to support them even … We are honorable bloggers who do not leave those who need us to eliminate corruption alone. …
Is it inadvertently … or an order … or pleasing to a certain body, in all cases … about the catastrophic situation we can not help but to say that God is all

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Mouez Benrejeb

Al-Moez Benrejeb, is a Tunisian journalist. He is also the media director of the Cultural Organization of the Tunis and North Africa Office, a media advisor and expert at Carthage Magazine, a radio Nafzwa FM correspondent, and a correspondent for the Komorebi Post. He has been a diplomatic consultant and member of the Arab League since 2014.

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