West Nile Virus Detected in New York City

West Nile Virus Detected in New York City

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mosquito-born disease, now common the United States, was detected by the New
York Health Department last month.

Though not a
statistically harmful virus, 38 people have died from its side effects since
its introduction to the US. The health department is currently taking measures
to counteract the virus’s spread.

According to
NYC Health, “The Department will spray pesticide to target mosquitoes if
persistent West Nile virus activity is detected. The City will continue its
efforts to kill mosquito larvae before they can bite by applying larvicide in
catch basins, marshland and other areas with standing water.”

The virus is
most common during mosquito season, a period of time stretching from the summer
to mid-fall.

Around 80% of
those infected have few or no side effects. The other 20% experience symptoms
such as rash, vomiting, and fever.  The
virus is most dangerous for those in poor health or old age.

discovered in Uganda in 1937, the virus was later found in North America in
1999. Any human cases of WNV have yet to be reported.

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