Will monsoon change the game of the city?

Will monsoon change the game of the city?

Wether department has said that the rain level might go a little high at few places in mumbai

DW-Mumbai. Mumbai, the capital of Maharashtra has been walloped by monsoon this year, Districts like Thane and Palghar that are on the borders of Mumbai also have a similar forecast of ‘heavy to hefty rains’ at few places for Monday, adding that intensity of rains would come down from Tuesday onwards. Though it is not the first time that monsoon has been on peaks but the loss that is happening this year is also not less. The areas of Mumbai {Colaba and Santacruz}  have recorded 44.2 millimeters and 27.7 mm rainfall, respectively, in the 24 hours starting on Saturday 8.30 am. Mumbai and its suburbs have received rainfall over the normal average between June 1 and July 24. But as always the city never sleeps, the people still work, the local train that is called as the transport of Mumbai works still efficiently. That is the beauty of the city. Be it hot summer or rainy mornings. Mumbai has always been a fast-moving city of India. 

Mahalakshmi expresses running between Mumbai to Kolhapur was stuck from Saturday and because of massive support from the NDRF team they could help them rescue the passengers. Monsoon is making all its way in India this season. Hope that the weather of Mumbai goes better and people can step out easily for their daily work and bread. 

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